Monday, April 9, 2007

The Socio-Economic Question of Our Time

In every generation, there is a philosophical quandary that defines the struggles and travails of the youth. In the time of Moses, it was how the Hebrew people should conduct themselves. In the times of the Crusades, it was which religious group to slaughter under the banner of Christ. In the 60's, it probably had something to do with doing a lot of drugs and/or how often one should bathe (as the bathtub should, by all means, be used predominately for tie-dying).

We are today faced with one such question, one that will forever define us in the eyes of our children, grandchildren, and ultimately the annals of history; this debate will divide our people and decide the course of human events.

The question, of course, on the hearts and minds of all the youth today: Why is Mims hot?

Forgive my bandwagoning, there are people who have answered the question with much greater clarity than the following discussion. Permit me, for the moment, to discuss the finer point of Mims' currently-in-dispute hotness, namely the economic effects of someone so hot.

To quote the illustrious Mims:

I'm into shutting stores down so i can shop
If you need a bird I can get it chopped
Tell me what you need you know i get 'em by the flock
I call ma homie black meet on the ave
I hit Wash Heights with the money in the bag
We into big spinners
See my pimping never dragged

I agree, his pimping never dragged. Apparently, Mims is hot because he enjoys destabilizing local economies in order to pump large amounts of currency into the hands of the retail sector. However, one has to wonder if, when Mims shuts "stores down so i can shop [sic]", the store in fact recoups the loss of additional traffic it would have otherwise maintained. Does Mims shut down the local Wal-Mart in order to buy a new vacuum cleaner? Regardless of the effects such practices have on the community, surely Mims' "homies" appreciate his hotness and his general level of being fly.

If the community, and indeed the world at large, is going to survive this wave of hotness, they must realize that the very foundations of the capitalist system could be in jeopardy. I urge you to write your Congressman to support legislation that favors non-discriminatory service in relation to a patron's level of hotness; although the battle against being fly must wait until another day, perhaps artists like Mims will come to understand the impact of their actions.